Caltex Smithton Redeveloped and Ready

Our Caltex Smithton site on Nelson Street has undergone a major upgrade and is now providing new and improved services to customers in the far North West.

Creature comforts such as canopy weather protection plus bright, safe LED lighting and security cameras have been combined with more fuel choices and high-flow pump units to take this site to a new level of service quality and efficiency.

What’s more, the site offers 24/7 fuel access with a Caltas 24 Hour card terminal and Caltex Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) that can be used with all major debit and credit cards.

Unleaded petrol, Vortex 95 Premium, Diesel and AdBlue are all available via new four and six-hose units with both high and low flow pumps available.

Looking forward to seeing you at Caltex Smithton soon!